Public & Governmental

In the networked world of the 21st century, state authorities and public bodies are often confronted with extensive problems resulting from direct and indirect risks, which are intertwined and interlinked in complex scenarios and impose high demands on the experience and qualification of the government personnel involved.

Authorities often face a severe shortage of resources available for training and advanced training programs or actual operations. As a result, meeting maximum quality and quantity requirements often necessitates a significantly increased burden on manpower and material or, alternatively, the professional support of an professional external service provider such as the IMAF Group.

Thanks to its profound blend of private-sector expertise in the specialised international security industry and its deployment of highly qualified staff as previously members of government bodies such as police and army, the IMAF Group can offer innovative, top-notch training conditions and environment plus outstanding logistical support to its public-law institutions and governmental authorities like police and military forces.

The service spectrum of the IMAF Group ranges from the provision of adept staff to exercise planning and further services by utilizing, for example, maritime special training platforms. Other services as well include the provision of complex material and staff solutions, as part of one-time arrangements or on basis of steady assignments, for assistance in the implementation of state authorities' training and exercise projects on a national or international level. This particularly applies to obtaining basic skills, special competencies and maintaining existing high-grade qualifications. 

Among other relevant issues this may include illustrating the conceptional design of complex exercise scenarios, provided support during exercises, and evaluations of IMAF Group-assisted exercise scenarios, adjusting all these to existing training and experience levels, and scaling them according to government specifications to ensure maximum training reality and measurable success ratios. 

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