Private & Corporate

In a globalised world of the 21st century, the creation and perseveration of a low-risk living and business environment can be a rather challenging and demanding undertaking for private individuals, enterprises and company groups alike. 

Due to the dynamics of global tensions, crises and wars as well as the rise of transnational organised crime and international terrorism, the parameters of our objective and subjective feeling of safety are subject to constant changes, resulting in a high degree of complexity in assessing personal and entrepreneurial risks and developing strategic solutions.

This makes cooperating with a specialised, internationally positioned service provider only the next logical step, allowing you to concentrate on the essentials. Multifaceted risk situations jeopardising your personal safety and your company's continuity management are analysed by the experts of the IMAF Group, identified at an early stage and proactively bypassed and solved through customised concepts.

Our group of companies offers decades of experience in the fields of risk and security management as well as in the provision of high-quality customized operational services like personal protection, armed executive protection, military transport escorts, maritime security, etc.; in addition, we can draw on own professional and qualified staff members expand in addition through a worldwide network of external specialists. This enables us to provide our private and business clients with an optimum service around the clock, no matter whether you require our services for a one-time mission or on a steady basis.

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